Monday, October 8, 2012

Oh My, MSU!

Ok you guys!  I never thought I'd ever get to this point with my MSU quilt!  I've been busting my hump this weekend and I got over 70 green blocks done for this thing!

I had to use a spare bedroom to lay it out and it just barely fit!  I haven't made the final layout yet, but I was just super excited to get it to this!  I need my weekend to be 2 days longer! 

In other news I tried out a couple different recipes this weekend that were pretty spectacular.  The first one was a taquito recipe.  The ingredients sounded yummy but I had no idea why they were called "little tacos" until DH told be you buy these out of the frozen food section.  Huh.  I don't know why anyone would since they are ridiculously easy to make (and to freeze for later!).  So anyways, if you like those things you should totally make these because DH says they are WAY better than the kind you buy.  I made one batch as a meal and then made another and put them in the freezer for later. (Also, I only used .5 t chili powder and no lime juice- I didn't have any).

I also tried out a vegetable chowder.  The flavor was good but mine didn't really thicken like it was suppose to.  Next time I'm going to try with cornstarch since I always have more luck with it.

Right now I'm making apple chips and I just canned some applesauce.  I tell you what, I've never made it before and it takes a ton of apples for not much in return!  I'm rethinking this for next year.  I still have some left from our 1/2 bushel and I don't know if I should make apple butter or apple jam again.  We'll see what DH has to say about it! 

Happy Columbus Day!


  1. Great quilt! Go Green!...... ;-)

  2. you can always make apple butter out of your applesauce, too - when i really, really want homemade apple butter, i make it with store-bought applesauce (and then i put it in the food processor to get it smooth) ... that is a gazillion green blocks, innit?!?


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