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Hello!  I'm so glad that you've stopped by to have a peak around!  I am 25, married, and a new quilter.  I recently moved to SE Michigan from Lansing when I got married and am learning to adjust to suburbia rather than farm country.  I love to read blogs with tips and tricks and apply them to my own sewing.  I am learning from a fantastic teacher over here who is very tolerant and patient with me.  Before now I've never even used a sewing machine so I feel like I have taken leaps and bounds!

I'm about to celebrate my second wedding anniversary with this man!  I've known him since we were toddlers and has been my best friend my whole life.  This has helped tremendously since our first two years have been filled with rocks (not in our relationship, but family deaths and other life challenges).

November 2011 in Antigua

I love being outdoors and get itchy with cabin fever when I am cooped up for too long.  I work as a Fisheries Technician and fortunately get to be outside a lot during the summer.  I like it even when it's cold!

Myself and two co-workers

I don't have any babies yet but I do have a frisky cat.  She will probably make appearances on here since she follows me around like a dog and loves to get in the way.  I am currently in the process of getting fluffy grey hair all over my quilting supplies.

Meet Annie
Happily on top of my Sliced Apples QAL charm packs

My current favorite thing about my sewing room is my shelf of fabric.  I made mini bolts that I cut from cardboard boxes {see more here} to get it all organized.  It is amazing.  I will never go back so long as I have self room in my house!

This is my first and only blog, and have just learned the wonders of Flickr.  I love looking around for inspiration and getting the positive feedback from the projects that I put up.  My wonderful hubby has no idea how much energy I put into some of these things so it's always nice to have someone understand :)

Thanks again for stopping by!  I hope you find something you like!

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