Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Stacey approaches panels.

I haven't sat down and worked on a quilt since December.  It's mid-March.  Wow.  Here is how it went:

Step 1: Pull out fabric.  Iron, realize you need to pre-wash.  Momentarily give up and go to kitchen to find baked goods.

Step 2: Throw fabric into washing machine.  Go back to sewing room.  Observe disaster from the last project.  Contemplate adding current project to the top to create a nice layering effect of clutter.

Step 3: Give up and start cleaning.  But not really cleaning.  More like putting crap in totes and line the room with them.

Step 4:  Get fabric from wash.  Iron again.  Think about cleaning that dirty fish tank.

Step 5:  Stare panel down.  Get intimated   Walk back to kitchen for baked goods.  Begin making a  fresh batch of cookies.

Step 6:  Return to sewing room.  Stare at panel.  Get out cutting mat and position panel on mat.  Click blade protector on rotary cutter back and fourth.  Set down blade.  Return to kitchen.  Stare at kitchen mess.  See what I can get into for lunch.

Step 7:  Go back to sewing room and attack panel with vigor.  Stare at pieces.

Step 8:  Google how to make blocks that were picked out since I've forgotten since I chose them.  Get distracted on pintrest.  Eat a cookie.

Step 9:  Go grocery shopping.

Step 10:  Come home, stare in sewing room.  Unload groceries.  Start prepping for dinner.

Step 11:  Sew one block as a test.  Be pretty pleased and quit for the day.

Now I can finally say that I've started my cousin's baby blanket!  And by the way, it's a boy and the shower is mid-May.  Which means I have two months to make this thing.  Hmm..

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  1. LOL OMG I feel this is how my life goes! Thanks for the chuckle!! Love that panel!


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