Friday, June 22, 2012

My quilt is back!

I went to quilting for the first time Wednesday in what has to be nearly two months.  I'm so out of the swing of things, but Mama Spark brought my Christmas tree quilt for me back from the quilter!  It's so cute I can hardly stand it.  It needs to be washed badly since it is nearly all white and has picked up dirt along the way so I'd really like to start binding it this weekend!

I had snowflakes put on it!  There are 5 or 6 different kinds.  So cute!  Mama spark cut my binding strips on the bias for me on Wednesday and I have those all sewed together and pressed, ready to be put on :)

Last weekend we went up north to DH's Grandpa's cabin and spent the weekend all by ourselves.  It was fantastic and just what we needed.  We hauled our jet ski's up with us and along the drive Richard says "That jet ski doesn't look like it's riding right."  Well he's not the boat person really in our relationship so I nearly climbed on top of him to look through the side mirror.  No, it was not riding correctly.  "You can pull over and we can look at it, or at least slow down so it's not bouncing so much."  "No, lets just keep going."  OK- my stomach is not so sure about this but whatever, they are his toys anyways.  We get there two hours after we have this conversation and what do we find?  One of the boards holding up the oddly writing jet ski completely snapped in half.  Crap.

The next morning we went to the hardware store in town and bought supplies to replace the broken one and by my insistence, his friend.  Luckily it was a fast fix since we really just had to carpet 2x4's and re-bolt them to the trailer AND we did it without any hostility.  Though I might have thrown in a "I told you not to drive so fast" when we got to the cabin the night before.. No biggie..

We are off to have a date night this evening!  I hope you all had a lovely week!

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