Sunday, June 10, 2012

I've been gone for so long!

{Warning: this is photo intense!}

Life is finally calming down for me again.  It was a super busy, crazy, stressful time and I am happy that it has finally come to a close for me {or at least the end is in sight}.  The last few weeks I have been organizing and attending memorial/funeral services for my Grandma and helping my family go through her belongings and sell them.  There was a memorial where she was living and then the following week we had the funeral in Lansing with her family and where she requested to be buried.  We made food for a luncheon afterwards and when I went to use the ladies room, this was in the first stall:

No joke ya'll
It was very interesting and humorous in light of the situation.  I went to the next stall and it was a normal toilet. Thank goodness. 

Afterwards we began the long process of sorting and cleaning and sorting and moving and sorting and selling.  There was a LOT of sorting.  We found quite a few neat things and I never knew that she liked to sew so much.  This is the first thing I found and fell head over heels in love with:

My precious.
I couldn't even get over this darling sugar and creamer set.  I still want to squeeze it because it is so cute.  Ugh, it is just a cuteness overload.  Next we sorted through a box of my Grandma's crystal.  This decanter was in it and surprisingly I got it.  I think it's because our house still has relatively nothing in it since we have moved in so there is lots of room for it.

There was very little furniture but this came along with us.  It was apparently her WIP chest.  I found a few embroidery blocks that I am going to turn into baby quilts for my sister and I when the time comes.  My favorite it the hippo :)  First I need to finish a couple of the blocks, so I will need to learn how to do it better.

 I picked up last night where my Grandma left off on the clown patterns and I found that it was strangely relaxing.  I have been really enjoying it though I am awful at it.

Richard also had his exam last month so I finally have a husband again.  It has been marvelous this past weekend {this is the first weekend that I have been home since my Grandma was in the hospital}. The garden bed in our front yard had paver bricks lining it which was super annoying.  Any time you got remotely close to the stack, the bricks would fall over into the grass because they knew it would make me angry.  I conned DH into buying 2/3 of a pallet of landscaping bricks and we did this yesterday morning!

Finished front yard

WIP back garden bed
 Replacing the bricks in the front took about 3 hours with both of us working on it.  We stopped at noon because it was getting really hot outside.  This morning I started working on the garden bed in the back yard.  No joke, this took me an hour.  I had to pull out one of those black edging things, cut away grass, and then refill and level each hole.  I only got 6 done until I retreated inside.  Later on we are going to go out on Lake St Clair and ride the jet skiis.  Richard has been waiting for it for a while now :)

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  Stay cool!


  1. So glad you brought some of your Grandma's treasures home for you to cherish. Your yard work looks marvelous. Happy Sunday :-)

  2. Looks too hot to do more this week. Love your finds! I can help with the embroidery, but Pauline is probably the best one to teach you. Also I find a good "stitch library" book is helpful for the ones I don't know how to do.


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