Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Really, I will do something this weekend.

Or at least I'm going to think about it really, really hard.

I just can't seem to sit myself down in front of the machine lately.  I don't think I've touched anything since I've finished my MSU wall hanging.  Mostly it was to let my thumb heal from all of the little pricks until I got a thimble for Christmas, but getting back to it has been tough!

Husband started his busy season so I've been doing a lot of running.  I think I've already hit 15 miles since last Thursday and I took yesterday off.  I'm back to it tonight though.  I have another 8 lbs that I want off that is going to be super tough to shake so I want to stay motivated while the hubby is away to get a jump on it.  I also signed up for a body boot class that starts next Tuesday.  I'm hoping it doesn't kill me.

I did buy some fabric for napkins this weekend.  I'm going to host my family's Christmas next year so I was going to pick some up on clearance, but they were still expensive!  I thought I could make my own, and more of them, for that price!  So I just got some nice fabric and hopefully they will be in my linen closet by Monday.

I'm also determined to get a start on my cousin's baby blanket this weekend.  I pulled out the graph paper and the panel last night, so that's a start at least.  I feel like I need a cheer team for this one since I have to design around the panel.  I've been more occupied searching for baby shower invites.  Bad, bad, bad!

Apparently I just need a good kick in the pants so pick something up.  I will do it though.  One day :)


  1. panel quilts don't have to be awful to design - it's against my nature to slap a couple of borders on it and call it done, but most panels look pretty good surrounded by a basic star block - deciding how big the center is gonna be is what always throws me ... i want to try the Sidelight quilt pattern the next time i make a panel quilt ...... you WILL have fun with it!!!

    it IS amazing how many invitations there are for baby showers ... we've hostessed three baby showers in the past four years and floundered for the first planning month of each because we didn't pick a THEME - once that was done, we both (Auntia and i) went nuts (until we put ourselves on a BUDGET - it is so easy to spend lots and lots of dollars) ... let's see - we did Bun in the Oven (that was really fun) and Brooklyn's First Tea Party (she was in utero) and the last one was Fourth of July (even though he didn't arrive till the 9th) ... baby showers are FUN!!!

  2. Guess what? I just came upon the sketch book I used to design the 2 quilts I made with that panel you are using. If you are interested, let me know and I am happy to share. If you would rather design your own I totally get that too!

    Why not make the shower theme the same as the quilt? It would be cute!


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