Monday, April 1, 2013

Making Progress

So this weekend I sat down again and finally tackled more of this paneled baby blanket I am creating.  It went well, surprisingly!  Though I have learned I hate panels.  Too much math and creativity is involved.  My cousin better love this :)

So far I have put together the top three main blocks with some spacer blocks, and added a border to all of the blocks in the panel.  I decided my next "spacer series" is going to be a row of hourglass blocks.  This row is going to be duplicated beneath the block with the boat as well.  I asked husband's opinions of color scheme here, so I hope they look good when I put them in.  I finished 8 or 10 while husband was watching b-ball and have another 6 or 4 to go.  Then I need to make a couple blocks to saddle up to the side of the boat panel and decide what to do from there.

It has been interesting though, since every block I've made thus far has been a new one for me.  I made 4 pinwheels and I am happy with 2 which went into the top section of the quilt.  The two I need to make next are some version of the Ohio Star and a Nine-Patch.

I have another crazy busy week ahead of me so I know I won't have time to touch this again until maybe Saturday afternoon.  Field work this year will, most certainly, eat my life.  When that's not eating my nights, boot camp will.  Or it will be a combination of the two.  Which was a ridiculously stupid idea I had thinking I should do some heavy lifting all day then go to Miss Killer's class.  Only two more weeks of it though, then I can just keep to field work.  

My mom is also coming to visit this Friday.  Mostly because I'm forcing her too.  She is a putzer, even with taxes, so I scheduled her appointment with my tax man and am going with her Friday to be sure she gets them done and in on time.  After that, I have no idea how I will entertain her.  Hopefully the weather will be nice and we can dink around in the yard :)

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

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  1. the baby quilt is lovely - and coming along nicely!

    i'm with your mom - putzing along is the only way to go...


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