Monday, April 22, 2013

The top is pieced

What a crazy weekend this has been, and I can't believe that I actually got any sewing done.  Though, I have to admit, I didn't exercise at all.  

On Friday we had a worker here to patch all of those (13) rod holes we found in our basement ages ago, as well as 2 vertical cracks.  While he was working away I started making a cupcake/cake stand for my cousin's baby shower.  It's funny- with things like this I have better luck searching pinterest rather than google.  It turned out pretty good- I'm just hoping it stays together!

Great idea, pinterest.

I'm going to put a 6" mini cake on top

After that we went to a birthday party for a neighbor where I (shockingly) stayed up until 12:30!  I know, I know, party animal.

Sherwin Williams was having an amazing sale so we decided to pick up some paint to patch places in a bathroom as well as paint for the basement wall we destroyed.  They have this nifty color matching machine which has worked well for us in the past and was able to match perfectly the basement color, but the purple for the bathroom was a disaster.  I ended up going home and cutting a piece of drywall out to be able to get a better match, which still didn't work.  Thankfully they were able to manually guess what needed to be added and we got something that is quite close.  I haven't had the chance to paint anything with it, but my fingers are crossed.  I really don't want to repaint the whole thing because they have yet another wall paper border in it and I actually like it.  

We also put on a trailer hitch on our Saturn, cleaned the mess in the basement, crafted for the baby shower some more, did the laundry, went to Home Depot 3 times, practiced making monster cupcakes, washed the floors, and sewed.  

I am sooooo happy with this baby blanket!  I wish it were mine.  I need to see about duplicating it for myself and my sister because it is adorable.  See?

I'm going to put a dark brown binding on it.  I just want to squeeze it!  It is going off to the quilter this week, hopefully!  Now I need to work on a couple for twins next.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. You've been busy! Really like the baby quilt--great colors. :-)


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