Friday, June 21, 2013

Amy's Baby Shower :)

Well, time sure has flown by.

My cousin's baby shower went really well!  My Aunt and I make a pretty darn good pair I would say to host a shindig.  I brought the decor and dessert and she provided the lunch and the location.  I love the way my quilt came out and I definitely rendered my pregnant cousin speechless with my gift.  I ordered custom bibs for each holiday in addition to the quilt I made.  I can't wait to see them on the little guy who is due within the month!  Now I just have to make basically the same quilt for my sister and I since it came out so nice.  (No, I'm not pregnant!)  Want to see some pictures?

Love this :)
Amy's shower was a "monster" theme.  Her nursery is the peek-a-boo monster set so I matched theme to that.  I had this fantastic cake topper made and put it on top of a 6" tiered cake.  I also made those fantastic monster cupcakes so mom an dad could have the cake for themselves.  They were a huge hit!

Love!  And actually kind of easy to make!


Fantastic monster watermelon my cousin made for me!

monster cookie favors

eyeball toothpicks!

Opening my gift :)

dad, mom, me

I just love this guy and so did Amy!  

a centerpiece


  1. Great quilt!! And very fun looking shower! Good work on both! :-)

  2. adorable - the theme AND the quilt ... i LOVE those cupcakes!!!

  3. The quilt turned out so cute!! I like it even better in those colors than the ones I did.

    Great job!!!


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