Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sliced Apples Fabric!!!

I went to my quilting group last night and brought home my Little Apples fabric {the charm packs at least} for the Sliced Apples QAL!  I'm already excited to start a new project, and of course my wonderful friend Pam is putting it on with her friend Cori, so what more incentive do I need?  I'm so happy that I could be one of the first into join in and support them!

I was really going back and fourth over what to do with the fabric choice because I really hate the green color.  Don't get me wrong- it has some GREAT prints in it, but the color of the green itself irks me.  I love me some nice rich green, not silly olive!  Anyways!  I thought about just buying yardage of the prints I really love in the line (like the little turtles I simply adore), but in the end I went with the original design.  I saw the quilt top in person and it really looks fantastic the way it is, with olive and all!

Don't you just love them?
I may just buy myself some of these little guys to have all to myself :)

 I have no real need for this quilt since I have a couple others in progress and have no little ones in the family yet to give it to so I think I may donate it if nothing else comes up {ie no one I know gets pregnant!}.  I'm going to have to do some research into it but I think there are some hospitals that will accept quilts and distribute them...?  If you have a charity you like, let me know!  I don't mind shipping.

I took today off to spend some time with the hubby since Monday was our 1st anniversary and I haven't had much of a chance to see him this week.  We went out to dinner after work and he brought me these lovelies :)

Unfortunately he got a big project at work and then spent Tuesday and Wednesday living there.  Literally.  He didn't come home until 1AM last night and he left for work at 6AM that morning.  So now that I am enjoying his presence today I decided that we needed to make progress on the yard!  I went out to measure our garden beds for new landscaping bricks and just about melted into a puddle.  I've retreated and am rethinking loading those 160 landscaping bricks into our truck at Lowe's and hauling them back.  Definitely an another day kind of project so instead I think I may sew some more MSU quilt for a little while!

I hope you all are having a lovely week!


  1. Happy belated Anniversary!! Your roses are so lovely! May join the 'Little Apples' group, but use other charm packs...I'll check with Pam if it's OK to do that. Pace the yardwork--the weekend looks cooler :-)

  2. Hi. In regards to charities, in Australia we have a group called HeartKids that support the families of children with heart conditions who have to travel to the big hospitals for their operations. Each child gets a quilt to take with them, maybe chat to your local children's hospital and see if they know about something like this.
    What a wonderful idea to donate a quilt. You are a very special person.

  3. I'm taking part, and this is my first QAL! I also lovelovelove this fabric, and have actually been hoarding charm packs! So, when I saw this, it seemed perfect. I'm excited!


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