Monday, May 14, 2012

The universe knows.

Get a load of this:

I think that the universe knows Sliced Apples begins this week.  What it should say is "A good time to start something new and fall terribly behind on it."  Perhaps it has bigger expectations of my free time than laundry and cleaning!

I traveled across the state again this weekend to visit my grandma (where I got the above fortune at dinner).  She is still in ICU and had to abruptly undergo a third surgery last night to attempt to clean out an abscess in her throat.  She went in at 10pm and came out at 11:15pm but we didn't have an opportunity to see her wake up since we were all dragging and still had to drive back to Lansing.  We are hoping this is the last time she will have to have this kind of surgery but you never know.  The infectious disease team said that the blood infection is under control but that there are still effects in her organs.  The newest deveopments are an infection in her heart valve and the chance that she may have had a stroke.  It's really hard to see my dad (her son) in this.  He is stubborn and tough so it kills my sister and I to see him go through this- it's like watching a rock crack.  I can only hope it gets better quickly!

Saturday was also my birthday!  I headed east to home Sauurday afternoon and made plans for myself to stop at Creative Quilt Kits in Brighton!  I've wanted to go for a while but every time I pass through ends up being after (or before) hours.  I even managed to sneak my stash in without DH seeing :)

He also got the hint and got me the ice cream cake I've been asking for.  I forgot to take one before I began to devour it, but you get the picture!

It's so good I nearly cried

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sayin' a little prayer for your Grandma and your family....

  2. Happy Birthday and your cake looks delicious.Here in Canada we have Baskin and Robbins that makes awesome ice cream cakes.
    A speedy recovery to your Gran.

  3. Happy Birthday my friend!! I hope it was good and I will keep your grandma in my prayers!!


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