Friday, February 3, 2012

Week in review

Well, I was successful in getting just about nothing done this week at all.  DH is still working a ridiculous amount so I have no drive to do anything, plus my work load is amping up and I'm not exactly excited about it.  I missed quilting this week because I forgot my stuff at home that morning putting me behind (again) on my binding skills.  Then I met my parents for dinner on Thursday putting me home way past my bedtime.  This morning I wasn't feeling the greatest and then it was off to the dentist to spend some hard earned money on my teeth, then back onto the couch I went.  I also learned that my in-laws and their two dogs are going to be moving in with us for a month.  Fantastic.  Can't wait.

I was in the process of finishing my Christmas tree blocks until about 20 minutes ago when I got a call from DH telling me to research stoves to buy and set up in the basement since he NEVER STOPS WORKING.  Well, that was boring and I'm surprised that I actually started doing it because look at what I created minutes before...

My first, adorable, Christmas tree block.  I just want to snuggle it, it's so amazingly cute.  I'm hoping I'll be able to create a few of these this weekend even though all of my plans are up in the air now.  We might be celebrating DH's birthday this weekend (his parents will be in tow for his actual birthday which means that in the 6th year of us I will still not have spent a birthday alone with him), I probably will be up to my elbows in cleaning products preparing for two more people to roam my house, I'll definitely be doing all of my regular chores, I'll more than likely have to prepare super bowl snacks for DH, and I know I will be attempting to quilt to save my sanity.  As my sanity usually is the last thing to be attended to, the probability of sewing is getting smaller and smaller by the minute. 

I also decided that I want to learn how to embroider.  That should be interesting :)

Back to range shopping.  Hope you all had a good week!

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