Sunday, February 26, 2012

Moving On..

This weekend I finally started making my dad's MSU string quilt (this years xmas gift), and I tell you what- it's  nice that the blocks can be assembled so quickly.  After making the Christmas tree blocks that averaged around and hour and a half construction time, these little babies fly off my machine like its on fire!  Downside?  I only have to make a zillion of them, I have 10 done so far, and I have no where near enough fabric.  Makes my husband's U of M quilt look like a distant dream...

I'm also avoiding the tree quilt like it's the plague.  Really.  I took a nap yesterday just to avoid it.  Today I thought that I should at least look at it since it is cute and I need to love it again.

Then I thought that I should maybe think about this border thing.  It was unanimous that I put one on there but that means I have to think about it some more and I'm running dangerously low on my red/green fabric that I'm pretty determined to use as backing.  (Thank you to all who gave their opinion!  I love reading them :)  ).  I did find this though, that I thought about including in the border.

It might even be cute to just use that.  I'm not ready for this commitment though so I'm taking it with me to quilting on Wednesday (I did fail to go last week which is why there has been no momentum- Mama Spark needs to push me to finish this one..)

My cat (Annie) has recently been quite put out that I am no longer letting her lounge all over my fabrics.  In attempts to get even with me she refuses to let me touch her and pouts constantly.  See her pout.

Luckily, she finds other shenanigans to get herself into and seems to forget that she no longer has fabric or sewing chair privileges.

Thursday I'm leaving for who-knows-where Canada to attend an AFS conference.  Luckily I am going with a crafty co-work who loves to knit and her idea of a good night is sitting with a glass of wine and creating things of sting.  We have already established that I will be bringing quilting and snacks and we will have a mini vacation after conference hours!  Well, that's what we hope anyways otherwise I will get virtually nothing done this week!   Until then...


  1. Go Green! (go white!) :-) Can't wait to see your progress on your Dad's MSU quilt!

  2. How did things go in Canada, eh? I LOVE the Christmas tree quilt and I had another idea if you haven't gotten any farther on it. A new Kate Spain tree fabric on a white background, might be an adorable border! Just sayin'...Remind me to bring the bias ruler too, o.O


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