Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Beauties!

I am loving this NY Beauty QAL!  I'm behind but I'm getting better at sewing curves and one of the tuts in the series had great advice for making sure the block is square in the end which I am benefiting from.  I made two blocks this weekend, one sister to block 5 that I already had made and then block 1.  I really, really love my sister blocks.  I may make 2 more of the same just because I like them so much!

NY Beauty Block 1

NY Beauty Block 5- Sister

NY Beauties so far :)

I am also trying to make progress on the MSU quilt for my dad.  My stack of completed blocks is pitifully small so I think I'm going to try to make 20 each weekend and see where that takes me.  I made one round of 10 yesterday and am still working on my second round of 10 today.  I will soon be playing out in my yard though, weeding and what-not.  Because our winter was so mild I have some snap dragons that survived as well as some pansies and another random flower I don't really know what it is..  I'm super happy about the pansies though, they are adorable :)

Baby stack
finish, finish, finish!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. Great NYB blocks!! Keep up the good work! I have some pansies that survived too--and i bought more! ;-)

    1. I'm trying! I just wish they didn't take me so long :) I really can't wait to buy more flowers! I have some in one of those green house things on my kitchen table and am not so patiently waiting for them to sprout!

  2. The NYB blocks are spectacular! Bring them some Wed when you come to quilting!!


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